saulBeing a die hard “Breaking Bad” fan I was really excited when Vince Gilligan’s prequel “Better Call Saul” started on AMC.  The network that’s  brought us BB, Mad Men, the Walking Dead, and Hell on Wheels is on a roll.  Season 1 debuted in February and it didn’t take long for me to get “hooked”, and it soon became a Monday night ritual.   Starring Bob Odenkirk as a funny, quirky, and complex lawyer this series took viewers on quite a ride.  Gilligan is a “genius” in developing characters that are easy to like/hate and root for or despise.  Veteran actor Jonathan Banks plays former cop Mike Ehrmantraut and he and Odenkirk’s scenes together are magical and riveting.  This show makes you take a different look at family, friendship, loyalty, perseverance, and life’s trials and tribulations.  It left me asking a lot of questions, wanting more and hoping the series returns soon.  I even bought a Saul Goodman “bobblehead” doll that’s become a permanent fixture in the KLZX studio.  Come to think of it if the need if I ever need a lawyer Saul would be my “first” choice.