Living in the Cache Valley has many “pros”, but on the flip side there are more than a few “cons”.  In addition to some of the “worst” air in the country there’s an epidemic of “HORRIBLE” drivers.  As if the potholes, lack of “left turn” signals, and massive congestion on Main Street weren’t enough there’s a LACK of common courtesy and manners.  I’ve been in the area for over four years and it’s been a major pain in the butt to deal with so many rude and clueless drivers.  I’ve developed a severe case of “Road Rage” and I don’t drive in the busiest times.  Come on people I’m tired of being “tailgated, cut off, and flipped off” etc etc.

I hate to vent but it’s caused me to talk about this on the air, and I don’t like having to resort to those tactics.  If we all try and improve our road etiquette things just might go smoother on the “Asphalt Jungle”.