McCALL 10am-2pm: Middays with Mccall

McCall was born into a loving family with 26 brothers and sisters. At the age of six McCall was kidnapped by Rupert, the laser eyed cyborg. Rupert loved and raised McCall as if she were his own baby cyborg, destroying everything that got in her way. She discovered her love of radio as a teenager. As an adult Rupert made sure none stood in the way of her obtaining her dream as a radio dj. She is now happily working at her dream job while Rupert stands watch near by lasers ready for any crazy fans that get out of hand. Most of that story is made up, aside from the dream to be in radio. In all reality, McCall is an adventure seeker, lover of all things furry, sassy as all get out, and literally just pumped about life. You can usually catch her rocking a snap-back and a cat themed shirt spending her free time with her dogs, boyfriend Dustin, and working on her home listening to Taylor Swift. Work hard, play hard.

BILL LEE Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm

I grew up in a radio family and cracked my first windshield, er, uh, mic at 14, back in 78. I’ve worked in Texas, Oregon, Idaho, and Kansas. Uranus too, but the aliens didn’t get my odd-ball sense of humor. Hopefully you will.

I’m diggin’ the scenery here in Utah! I’m also a voice-actor and in my spare time enjoy growing hot chiles, woods-walks with my dogs and cat, and ofcourse, the electric bass is a definite passion. I really enjoy the bottom end!

Following the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery is another hobby that keeps me on my toes. You’ll occasionally hear reports from the area on the show that remind us we’re not alone.

I love the outdoors and that makes life here in Logan even better for me, my wife Sharon, and our dogs and cats. Thanks for dropping by Utah’s Rock Station, 95-9, KLZX!

DR DAVE 6pm-10pm: Dr. Dave


Why am I the Dr. of Rock?  It is not a name I gave myself, shortly after I came to work with KLZX co-workers started to come to me to ask questions about Rock music and one day someone said.  “ You have a doctorate in Rock and Roll”  That is where the Doctor of Rock came from.

I was born in the Rock and Roll hotbed of Memphis TN and grew up listening to all types of music – Southern Rock and R and B are favorites.

I will tell you this I have been to a lot of concerts over the years.

In the Summer 1991 I went to 37 different shows including The Guns and Roses show at the River-port amphitheater in St louis,  that the show where the big riot broke out and I actually did some reports on CBS news about the riot.

Favorite bands include Lynynd Skyrnd (Freebird will be played at my funeral)  AC/DC  Jackyl, George Thorogood, ZZ Top.


MR BILL Saturday 10am-2pm: Mr Bill

How about this?

Mr Bill is one of those types that the more youthful generation might refer to as ‘old radio guy’.  After all he does remember turntables (hello cue burn!), cartridge tape and Scully and ReVox reel-to-reel machines.  His musical awakening in the Nebraska panhandle included a British label copy of the Beatles “Rubber Soul” album that some shirt-tail British cousins gave to his older sister.  His musical horizons expanded into  Alvin and the Chipmunks and the Monkees  (who he and his friends used to imitate ‘playing’ croquet mallets and tennis rackets as guitars in the basement).   In his early teens he discovered real rock such as Deep Purple and later Heart,  Jethro Tull, The Who and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.   He was given the REO Speedwagon album “You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish” as a high school graduation present (In lieu of the new car).    He also likes more post-classic rock like Collective Soul  and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.    You can hear Mr B Saturdays from 10a.m. to 2p.m.(unless he ducks out early to take a nap or if there’s an early kick-off for a Husker football game on TV).  Oh yeah his goal is to attend a September game especially with new Coach Frost at the helm.