hard hat area sign

Over the years I’ve been at tons of radio station remotes, and on-site events.  Up until this past Saturday I had avoided injury out in public.  So much for good luck and keeping yourself out of “Harm’s Way”….while broadcasting at Valley Recycling’s “Earth Day” event at the Fairgrounds I was hit in the back of the head with one of these.  It was thrown from a  long distance and I’ve never been hit so hard.  Needless to say it hurt and bled like hell.  The culprit said he tried to warn me, but I never heard “fore” or anything.  The nice folks at Valley Recycling came to my aid and bandaged me up.  The guy apologized and I finished the broadcast and didn’t need stitches(thank goodness).  I think he learned his lesson when I told him any medical expenses were his responsibility.  Thing turned out okay for all concerned and I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of telling the story “on” and “off” the air.The next time I’m out in public at a station event I’ll be using one of these.  I learned first hand that Radio can be a “Dangerous” job.